Catch on 2-1-11, offically 3 but actually 2 1/2 years old.





Catch as a yearling.




Catch at 6 months old.


Catch as a foal.




Caught in the Act MF (Catch) is a beautiful rose gray filly by Chaleon out of Britney who is by Rio Grande. Rio Grande was the leading sire of Hunters for 2005 by USEF rankings of progeny winnings. Chaleon has been enjoying numerous wins in the First Year Green and Conformation Hunters on the Indio Circuit.

Catch got her names (show and barn)  because I actually had to catch her and gently lower her to the ground the night she was born!!! Earlier that evening one of our Vets had been out to do a few things, so since she was here I asked her to palpate Britney to make sure her foal was in the proper position. Britney wasn't due for another week, plus the last two she delivered were born a week after her due date, so I wasn't expecting her to foal soon but it is always a good idea to make sure you don't have a possible breach. Britney's foal wasn't even in the birth canal and the Vet commented that the foal was probably down turning in preparation for foaling in a few days. So, thinking I was in the clear I did something I NEVER do...I left the barn before the night shift arrived and went down to the quarantine barn to throw those horses some hay and feed. I was gone about half an hour and as I walked back into the main barn I glanced at the foaling cameras monitor and noticed that Britney was laying down. As I watched her she jumped up, spun around with her tail up and laid down again. I thought I saw a flash of white under her tail so I hit the ground running. As I got to her stall she was up again and pacing and turning frantically. She was definitely in labor and something was wrong. I went into her stall, talking to her soothingly and grabbed her from behind and wrapped my arms around her rump to try to get her to stop spinning. At this point she had forelegs sticking out of the birth canal and I was terrified that she would hit them against the wall of the stall. The legs were sideways and slightly up, not facing down as they should be. She seemed to understand that I was there to help her and stopped turning, planted her back legs and stood perfectly still. I was able to push the foal back into the birth canal far enough so that I could to turn the foal into the proper position and release the shoulder lock. At that moment Britney had a contraction, and now that the foal was in the correct position was able to push her out with very little help from me. But....she was still standing up!!! So she delivered this beautiful filly right into my arms!




Rio Grande competing with Eric Lamaze (2008 Olympic Individual Gold Medal winner)


Dam's Sire - Rio Grande

Dam's Sire - Rio Grande

birth of Catch

Catch10 minutes old

Britney birth of Catch

Britney Catch bonding

Standing with Catch


Britney free-jumping at the Oldenburg Mare Performance Test, which she won.

Britney jumping

Dam - Britney (Rio Grande)

Mother - Britney
Mother - Britney by Rio Grande

Chaleon competing in the Hunters.


Sire - Chaleon (Calido)

Sire - Chaleon
Sire - Chaleon

The ride behind the ribbon begins with the bloodlines behind the dream.